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New 4x4 Vans

Vans are great for carrying big loads, but what about if you need to carry bulky items on a building site, or even further off the beaten track?

In that kind of scenario, the best option for you is probably to look for a van, but one with four-wheel drive.

But these vans are just useful or adventurous types, a 4x4 van would be equally as useful to a builder who might regularly negotiate muddy paths or an electrician who lives in the Yorkshire Dales. Or a florist, who wants to attend farmers’ markets held on a pretty steep hill.

If you’re after a van with power being sent to all four wheels, there are three main options. You can either go for a rugged, yet not overly spacious pick-up truck, a commercial SUV, ever practical, but converted for better use as a heavy haulier, or you can find a large and spacious panel van.

There are a variety of options available to people looking for anything from a bit of extra grip to genuine go-anywhere off-road ability. Then it comes the concept of the Pick-Up.

In the UK, is more a niche market but there are a handful of commercial vehicle SUVs on offer. These are based on conventional family SUVs, but the rear seats will have been stripped out and replaced by a flat load area creating a van-style load bay. They maintain the same 4WD transmissions and engines as their passenger equivalents, it's just that there are fewer seats and a bigger payload capacity that helps classify them as commercial vehicles.


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